A new chapter begins at Sun-E Day Farm

April 2020 — And so it begins. After nearly three decades of living in Florida, we opened the book on our new chapter and began life in Vermont on a cold, gray April morning. Amazingly, I never once thought, “This is crazy.” “What are we doing?” “Who makes a move like this at this stage of our lives?” Instead, I whooped as I passed the “Welcome to Vermont” sign, a sign to me that new adventures lie ahead. Five weeks in, I can still feel the excitement as we plan our renovations, planting schedule, chicken coop rehab, and barn enclosure for the little flock of sheep who will one day inhabit it. While we have not forgotten, and we feel the pain of the current state of the world – in the midst of the pandemic and the fight for racial justice – we look to positive action as our only way forward.

In only a short time, we have unpacked all our worldly belongings, arranged furniture and artwork, and have made this place our own. The repairs will take months – maybe even years – but we knew all of this going in, and completing each task allows us a moment of accomplishment. As soon as we had our technology up and running, working remotely is going smoothly. Now to find the balance…work, farm, writing, family.